Featured Vendors

Featured Vendors

The Friendly Market Produce Co-Ops with the Best of North Carolina for our customers.  Please click on the links below to learn more about where our featured produce, meats, and dairy are coming from!

Chadwick's Seafood

Beaufort, NC

    "Tyler, the founder of Chadwick's Seafood, comes from several generations of commercial fishermen. Chadwick's Seafood provides only the freshest, highest quality seafood caught in North Carolina to their customers. They seek to educate the public on the health benefits of eating seafood and promote the sustainability of this resource and this way of life."

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Simply Natural Creamery

Ayden, NC

"Simply Natural Creamery is exactly that...Simply Natural. Their cows live in a natural environment and are not confined to concrete all day. They roam, graze, and lounge naturally in pastures. They picked Jersey Cows because they are more docile to work with and they provide a higher quality milk.  Milk from Simply Natural Creamery is processed the same day that it is milked from the cows which results in the freshest milk delivered to your family."

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Brothers Farm

La Grange, NC

"You’ll find Brothers Farm in the heart of beautiful La Grange, in eastern North Carolina, USA. Our fertile soils have been producing crops for over two centuries – delicious varieties of plums, figs, pears, and forty-seven varieties of vegetables, all grown naturally, without pesticides, in a traditional orchard unchanged by time and unspoiled by so-called ‘advances’ in modern farming. Brothers Farm is one of the main growers for Vivian and Ben's CHEF AND THE FARMER restaurant. Warren enjoys being the barefoot farmer featured on their Peabody award-winning hybrid cooking documentary A CHEF'S LIFE."

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