Diner Dinners 2018



 Excited to announce that our "Dinners-To-Go" will be headlining The Friendly Market this Fall once again. This year we are taking a cool new twist on our foods that will be pre-packaged and ready to heat at home. We are calling it "Diner Dinners 2018." Each week we will feature Diner foods with a Friendly Twist- an ode to simple American cooking with a handful of classics. Our 'Ballou Plate Specials' are sure to hit the spot! 10 weeks of 10 delicious dinners !We're here to help fit a home style meal into your busy schedule. All you have to do is set the table. Invite your friends and family over and pull up a chair! Grow, Eat, Shop, Family, LOCAL!

How To Sign Up

  • Call us in the Kitchen (252)222-0273 To reserve a meal. Please specify what day (Tues-Thurs ) and how many dinners you would like. Each Dinner feeds 2 for $25 or 4 people for $45.. Heating instructions will be included in every meal.

  • We kindly recommend payment at time of reservation. Payment can be made over the phone or in-store.

  • We kindly recommend that all Pre-orders are by the following Sunday at noon. This is to insure the availability of the freshest and finest ingredients for your meal!

  • Pick up will be Tuesday-Thursday. Starting at noon on Tuesday until close.

  • Please call as early as possible for any cancellations.