Can we freeze your Friendly Market foods ?

You can freeze all of our dishes (with the exception of our Cream Pies, Chicken Salad, Pasta Salads, and Tomato Cheese). The best method is to use a quality freezer safe container. Cover the surface of the food with plastic or foil. Press the excess up the sides of the container and over the rim. Top with your lid, date and label. You can also use freezer bags. Before freezing, make sure food is cooled, put inside bag, remove as much air as possible, date and label. 

I'm coming in from out of town and need a lot of food! Can I pre-order dishes?

Yes. To assure the availability or the amount you are looking for we kindly request a 24-hour notice. (Special requests or very large orders we kindly request notice ASAP.) All of our foods are made daily and we cook in smaller batches depending on the day of the week. This also ensures the freshest and highest quality food is available for you to purchase. Next time you're coming in and need 10 small pound cakes or would like lunch kits for your office, just give us a call! You can even prepay over the phone!

Call us in the Kitchen at (252) 222-0273.

Do you use "Local" ingredients in your dishes?

We do! Depending on availability and what's in season, we base some of our dishes around LOCAL produce and seafood! Friendly Market Produce provides us with locally sourced farm fresh produce and  fruit in the spring and summer. This includes and is not limited to fresh strawberries and blueberries for our trifles and pies, cabbage for our Chicken Spring Rolls, and ripe Beefsteak Tomatoes for our pizzas and trademark Tomato Pie! Look for The Fitzpatrick Family garden this summer that Matt Sr. and Matt Jr. grow! That's where we cut our fresh basil for our Tomato Cheese! Our Shrimp is delivered to us directly from Eddie and Alison Willis of "Mr. Big" Seafood of Harker's Island, NC. Try it in our Shrimp and Corn Chowder, Seafood Casserole, Shrimp Salad, or our Shrimp and Grits !

Fresh Basil being picked from Matt's garden for our Trademarked Tomato Cheese.

Fresh Basil being picked from Matt's garden for our Trademarked Tomato Cheese.

Do you have Ice? I'm traveling with a Cooler.

Inside The Friendly Market we have frozen water bottles available for $1. The Friendly Market Produce has bagged ice available.

Do you have Gluten Free Options?

Yes! Next time you are in we offer a list of all of the Savory and Sweet dishes you can enjoy! A few include our Chicken Salad with fresh dill, Blue Collard Dip, Crab Dip, Tomato Cheese, Corn and Tomato Gratin, Crustless Coconut Custard, and Monster Cookies! Seasonal Gluten Free options are also available and change, please call us here in the kitchen and we will be happy to help! (252) 222-0273