Food Tour America 2017

 The Friendly Market Presents:

Food Tour America 2017



Food Tour America 2017

Super excited to announce that our "Dinners-To-Go" will be headlining The Friendly Market this Fall. However, this year we are taking a cool new twist on our foods that will be pre-packaged and ready to heat at home. We are calling it "Food Tour America 2017." We've narrowed it down to 12 cities and have created a unique menu for each "Tour Date." Get ready to explore foods unique to each city and drive your taste buds on a cross country road trip.  Are you ready?! Hold on tight it's going to be a fun and tasty ride! Grow,Eat,Shop,Food Tour 2017,LOCAL.

  • The Friendly Market Goes Green!Our Dinners are the first step towards Eco-Friendly packaging! Made from biodegradable materials.
  • Enjoy 8 of the 12 Food Tour Dates and receive 2 limited edition 'Food Tour America 2017' concert themed t-shirts. Enjoy all 12 weeks and advance to be entered to win a free 'World Food Tour' in 2018!

How To Sign Up

 Call us in the Kitchen (252)222-0273 To reserve a meal.  Please specify what day and how many dinners you would like. Each Dinner feeds 2-3 adults.  Dinners are $30. Additional entrees are available for a small up-charge that is subject to change each Dinner. Heating instructions will be included in every meal.

We kindly reccommend pre-payment at time of reservation.  Payment can be made over the phone or in-store.

We kindly reccommend that all Pre-orders are by the following Sunday at noon. This is to insure the availability of the freshest and finest ingredients for your meal!

Pick up will be Tuesday-Thursday. Starting at noon on Tuesday until close.

Please call as early as possible for any cancellations.

Deadline is Monday by 6pm



November 28th-November 30th


Market Roasted Tomato Bisque

A creamy roasted tomato bisque with Friendly boursin cheese croutons.

 Big Jo’s Pasta Salad

Tri-Color Pasta with Muenster Cheese, carrots, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and tossed in a tangy French dressing.

 Matt's Famous Chicken Salad

Matt's  famous Chicken salad with fresh dill spread on Ciabatta Bread and topped with our house made pickles.

 Sally No’s Krispy Treats

Peanut Butter and Chocolate topped Rice Krispy Treats. Sally No approved!

Food Tour Dates

New York City 9/19-9/21

Boston 9/26-9/28

Louisville 10/3-10/5

Nashville 10/10-10/12

Chicago 10/17-10/19

Seattle 10/24-10/27

New Orleans 10/31-11/2

Los Angeles 11/7-11/9

Austin 11/14-11/16

11/28-11/30 "TOUR BREAK DINNER"

Atlanta 12/5-12/7

Charleston 12/12-12/14

Home for the Holidays! 12/19-12/21