New Dishes


New Dishes

What's New in the Kitchen you might ask? Here in The Friendly Market Kitchen we are constantly coming up with new recipes to share with our customers. If lucky enough these dishes become part of our permanent rotation.We create based on what is seasonally available, but more importantly because of customer feedback. We like to have fun and experiment with food! Everything we come up with in our kitchen is Mindy and Staff approved and guaranteed to be delicious!


Sweet Treats Galore!

Let loose this weekend and grab one of our fresh baked a la carte Pastries to go on Saturdays only! Baked fresh that morning, we offer Cinnamon RollsChocolate Croissants and our Friendly Cronuts! What is a Cronut?? A Cronut is a croissant-doughnut pastry that is fried and topped with powdered sugar. YES PLEASE! (One for 2$ )


Local Blue Crab Pasta Salad

We only use the best Local Seafood at The Friendly Market! Chadwick's Seafood is the star of the show in this pasta salad created by Mindy! We've mixed together Mayonnaise,House Remolaude, Celery,Sriracha,Lemon and Spices. Try it today! (12oz 8$.)

Peach Pie

Made with fresh Local Peaches and a ton of them! This Pie is absolutely delicious. For a short time enjoy our Famous Peach Pie! Availability is limited, call ahead to reserve yours!(at least 48 hours notice)  (Medium $10 Large $15) (252)-222-0273

Tomato Cheese and Broccoli Quiche

Perfect for Brunch! Sliced farm fresh tomatoes,broccoli, our famous Tomato Cheese(Basil,caramelized onions,cream cheese,mayonnaise,roasted tomatoes) Parmesan and seasonings.(Medium 10$) (Large 15$)