What's in Season?

We Are Closed For The Season!

The Friendly Market Produce will re-open Aprirl 1st!

"Reflecting today on how fabulous our second season at Friendly Market produce has been-so thankful!

Thank you to Friendly Market for believing in me, thank you to the fantastic working crew who rocked out this summer, thank you to my family who supported me at the Friendly Market and the hours involved, thankful to all the farmers who work relentlessly in our NC season to provide fresh farm food for our community, and thankful to the best customers in the world! ❤️
Can’t wait for season 3!!
Love is what makes the world go around🍉♻️🍑🌎❤️ and I love the Friendly Market, the corner, the vision, the growth and the community ❤️"

Love, Jennifer Lee

Owner of The Friendly Market Produce