The Story Behind Matt's Famous: Chicken Salad with Fresh Dill

The Story Behind Matt's Famous:

Chicken Salad with Fresh Dill


By: Mindy Fitzpatrick

   The most requested recipe at all family celebrations has always been Matt's Smoked Trout Salad. This salad is exceptionally good.  Matt has always kept it simple using Trout we would catch and then he would smoke. Matt created it years ago and it always brings rave reviews. Matt and I wanted to add it to the menu at The Friendly Market only a few years ago. There was only one problem and that was the expense and availability of fresh caught speckled trout. The two of us could never catch enough and we have limited time to fish.  From there, Matt and I started thinking chicken.  Chicken is easy to get and always available at a workable cost. Matt figured out that he would do the same flavor he does for the smoked trout except no smoke, red onion, or capers. The rest of the salad recipe would stay the same, except double the fresh dill, chicken, and we would test it to see if it was worth offering. After making the very first batch we thought it was better than any  chicken salad we had ever had.  The salad worked perfect. We immediately added it to the regular menu and it did not take long for Chicken Salad with fresh Dill to become super popular. The only problem was keeping pace with the sudden and growing demand. From start to finish it took several hours just to cook the chicken, let it cool, and then have several staff members shred it by hand just to have it ready to make into chicken salad.  We have grown to the point we need over 200 pounds of chicken daily just for chicken salad, (over 1000 pounds during the 4th of July weekend alone), AND A LOT OF DILL. Thank YOU for making our Chicken Salad with Fresh Dill a best seller every day. Thanks to our staff for keeping it as good and consistent every single batch.


Chicken Salad Secrets

The Secret to our tasty trademarked Chicken Salad is consistency and quality! We use only the highest quality Chicken Breasts that we roast here in our kitchen.  The same quality ingredients are added each time and mixed by hand. A long but rewarding process that has turned non believers of Chicken Salad into fanatics!

More Than Just a Salad...

The possibilities are endless with our Chicken Salad! Try it as an appetizer for the holidays! Top it with cranberry relish and watch your guests be intrigued by the flavor. Try a scoop of it on our fresh baked Asiago bread. We even have the perfect chip for scooping! Our Mamasita's Chips from Newport,NC are a match made in heaven. No matter how you try our Chicken Salad with Fresh Dill, just remember to just sit back and enjoy!