Weekly Specials

Weekly Specials


Meat Monday- All Meats 20 % OFF


Terrific Tuesday- Simply Natural Ice Cream $1.00 OFF


Wonderful Wednesday- $1.00 OFF 1 Dozen LOCAL Eggs


Thirsty Thursday- $1.00 OFF 1/2 Milk


Five Dollar Friday- Changes...it's a mystery until Friday!


Suprise Saturday!- Changes...it's a mystery until Saturday!


Seafood Sunday- 20% off ALL Seafood


Daily Produce Bundles

NEW to The Friendly Market Produce this year are an assortment of 'Bundles'  that are customizable to suit you! The freshest, LOCAL Produce, Meats, and Dairy all at your fingertips. First, choose your 'Bundle' Base .  Second, pick and choose  what you would like to add to your basket ( Items that you can shose from will be labeled.) -Highlighting the best of everything LOCAL!- Our Friendly Market Staff is happy to help along to way!

'VEGGIE LOVER'- 8 veggies/fruits. $20.

'DAIRY LOVER'- 8 veggies/fruits & 1 dozen LOCAL eggs and one 1/2 gallon of milk. $30.

'SEAFOOD LOVER'- 8 veggies/fruits & 1lb any fresh fish OR 1lb of shrimp. $35.

'MEAT LOVER'- 8 veggies/fruits & 1 pack of Ribeye or NY Strip. $40.

'EVERYTHING LOVER'- 8 veggies/fruits, 1 dozen LOCAL eggs, one 1/2 gallon of milk, 1 pack of Ribeye OR NY  Strip, 1 lb any fresh fresh OR 1 lb of shrimp. $60.