At the Corner
Who We Are

The journey of The Friendly Market began modestly, with a quaint stand by the roadside of U.S. Highway 70, marking the gateway to Morehead City. Here, Matt and Mindy Fitzpatrick embarked on a new venture, selling tomato pies and homemade baked delights. Matt, once a flourishing local builder, faced a turning tide in 2006 when the recession deeply affected his livelihood. In search of a new direction, the farm stand emerged as a beacon of hope during uncertain times.

Nestled under the canopy of towering pines, the land, a legacy within Mindy's family for generations, lay dormant until the couple saw its potential. With little to lose and much to gain, they seized the opportunity to breathe life into this familial ground.

From these humble beginnings, The Friendly Market has blossomed into a beloved landmark on Friendly Road, welcoming visitors with its iconic red barn and inviting porches as they enter Morehead City from the west. Today, it stands as a vibrant community hub, employing around 60 dedicated individuals during peak season. The market now boasts a bustling commercial kitchen, delighting customers with an impressive selection of prepared foods, alongside a distinguished wine collection, and an array of handpicked sauces, dips, and condiments from artisan vendors across North Carolina and the broader South.

This evolution from a simple stand to a flourishing market encapsulates the spirit of resilience, community, and the enduring bond of the Fitzpatrick family with the land and people of Morehead City.

Our Mission

At The Friendly Market, our mission is to nourish and enrich our community by providing a welcoming space where the joy of fresh, locally-sourced produce and high quality foods can be shared and celebrated. We are dedicated to fostering connections between local growers and our customers, promoting sustainability and the beauty of North Carolina’s rich agricultural heritage. Our commitment is to offer an exceptional array of quality products and experiences that supports our local economy, and cultivates a sense of community.

The Friendly Market Vision

Our vision at The Friendly Market is to be a cornerstone of Morehead City, setting the standard for community engagement through the celebration of local agriculture. We aim to create a vibrant marketplace that serves as a gathering place for all, fostering a sense of community and providing high quality foods packaged to go. Our goal is to inspire and empower our community to embrace a lifestyle that values freshness, quality, and the local touch.

Core Values

Our core values at The Friendly Market are Positive Vibe, Respectful Flow, Passionate Work and Cardio Play Ethic. We modeled these Core Values after four of our original team members, two of which are still with us today, taking into consideration the attributes and qualities that made them such special team members. These values are the foundation of our mission to enrich lives and nurture the spirit of Morehead City.

Positive Vibe: We greet each other with a smile, we help each other out, and we maintain a positive attitude. We believe that happiness is contagious.

Respectful Flow: We genuinely like each other and embrace the fact that we all have differences and it feels good to belong to the same team despite our differences.

Passionate Work: Also known as smart effort, this means that as we are working on tasks, we are thinking ahead to the next thing that needs to be done. We have concern for the market, our market family, and the products at the market. We believe in what we do and we support those beliefs by our actions.

Cardio Play Ethic: Our work is like playing a sport in that there is hard work but there's also the fun that comes along with the result of being part of something bigger than yourself.

Meet The Owners

Matt Fitzpatrick


Matt Fitzpatrick is an owner and visionary leader. Words that describe his approach to life are: teacher, family and let go. He is inspired by family and achieving goals with a particular focus on the growth and sustainability of the market and his market family. His years as a marine scientist have influenced the way he spends his free time. When he’s not working (which is rarely) he loves fishing and working in his garden.


Mindy Fitzpatrick


Mindy Fitzpatrick is an owner and creative, fearless leader. Her years as a competitive surfer and point guard have prepared her for the ultimate sport of life on the corner. She still trains like a competitive athlete every day. She is involved in all aspects of the business from recipe development to social media coordination. A Carteret County native, she is committed to her serving her community. Her parents have had a huge impact on her life and the development of the Market. Many of our daily recipes that we use came from her mother. If you don’t find her in our kitchen, check the surf conditions or if the fish are biting.


Matt Jr

Team Leader

Matt Jr is the heir apparent to the market. He grew up on our corner from the time he was 8 and knows all aspects of the business inside and out. He loves meeting a variety of people each day and feels a responsibility to the staff and his community as a whole. He describes himself as “particular” in his presentation and organization of things. Like his parents, he enjoys spending time outdoors and fishing. Matt’s words to live by, “You have to be 100% good 90% of the time.”




Annie Fitzpatrick is currently a Junior at East Carolina University where she’s studying Business and Communications. She grew up on our corner and loves to visit anytime she comes home from school. She is planning to finish her senior year, graduate in May of 2025 and take The Market by storm. She’s always ready to take on challenges when they come her way and she never finds a problem she can’t solve. We can’t wait to have her on The Corner with us.