Community Involvement
Strengthening Bonds,
Supporting Locals

At The Friendly Market, our heart beats for our community. Rooted deeply in the principle of “LOCAL Involvement,” we are committed to playing an active, supportive role in enhancing the lives of those around us in Morehead City and beyond. Our dedication to fostering local connections goes beyond merely sourcing and selling local goods; it's about creating a fabric of support that uplifts every member of our community.

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Empowering Local Farmers

We pride ourselves on being a place that showcases the talents of local farmers and growers. By prioritizing local North Carolina plants and produce, we not only contribute to the local economy but also help sustain the livelihoods of those who are the backbone of our community. Every purchase at our market directly supports local families, helping them thrive.

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Charitable Initiatives

Our commitment to community involvement extends to various charitable efforts and partnerships with local organizations. We believe in giving back, and through our collaborations, we support a range of initiatives from food banks to educational programs, and more. These partnerships are essential in addressing community needs and fostering a culture of kindness and generosity.

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